Are you still looking for your keys?

By Dr. Locatelli

Misplaced keys. A forgotten name. A lost thought. As we age, these issues create a familiar and worrisome question: am I losing my memory?

Fortunately, we now know that there are therapies and exercises that you can do to preserve and even improve your memory. You must challenge your mind on a regular basis to gain brain power. At Florida Neuroscience Center, I advise my patients to focus on the five senses and to introduce something new on a regular basis. For example, try a new ethnic dish the next time you go out to eat (taste) or choose a new type of music to listen to instead of your traditional choice (sound).

The scientific community now accepts that the brain retains its plasticity, which is the ability to rewire itself for better function throughout life. Brain exercises play an important role in this rewiring process. You might enjoy reading this recent American Medical News article – “Steps to a Nimble Mind: Physical and Mental Exercise help Keep the Brain Fit” – which explores how neuroscience is uncovering techniques to prevent cognitive decline.

Please join me for Dinner with the Doctor at Holy Cross Hospital on Wednesday, December 3 at 4 p.m. I will share the latest on memory loss and offer tips on how to maximize your memory’s long-term potential. (Call 954-351-5886 to RSVP!)

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