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Screen for Depression during Financial Stress and Economic Crisis

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

October 10th is National Depression Screening Day.

The current economic and financial crisis has created increased pressure on all of us. As many struggle with the uncertainty of whether or not they will continue to have a job, others deal with the challenges of laying people off, many of whom may have been colleagues and friends. With stress reaching epidemic numbers, many struggle with staying healthy during rough times. Stress affects the most vulnerable systems: some people will experience frequent migraine headaches, whereas others will develop gastrointestinal problems, and others will have high blood pressure. Stress may trigger panic attacks in some people and will affect others with clinical depression.

More to Say About Baby Borrowers

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Yesterday I was interviewed on behalf of the American Psychiatric Association by NBC6 Health correspondent Diana Gonzalez about the controversial reality show: “Baby Borrowers.” I had previously watched a disconcerting commercial a few days earlier, showing the despair of little ones as they cried, vomited, or were about to be crushed by falling furniture as teenage couples struggled to care for them, also in despair. A brief clip of what I said was aired (30 seconds, maybe?) out of a twenty-minute long interview. I had a lot more to say:

Manage Your Stress During Difficult Times

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Many who fear they have lost part of their wealth these days of high oil prices, frozen wages, and increased cost of living, also feel like they are losing their minds. Our response to stressful situations is a combination of our genetic make-up and our response to environmental triggers. Some of us will shoot our physiology to the roof with a good dose of norepinephrine in the fight-or-flight response to this stressor, experiencing a wide range of physical symptoms including heart palpitations, clammy hands, dizziness, or a sense of impending doom with fear.